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Annual Garage Door Checkup Calendar: What to Check and When

As one of the most used objects in your home, the garage door will show its wear and tear pretty quickly if it’s not taken care of. Although you might not have to conduct regular maintenance on your door, it is recommended to have a yearly checkup. Here are a few areas of your garage door you should pay attention to, as well as when you can tell it’s time for a checkup.

Listen and Look

When we pull into our garage, we often enter with our radios blasting and our engines roaring. Understandably, we don’t tend to hear any mechanical issues that the garage door might be experiencing. Therefore, the first thing you should do to find out if there’s anything wrong with your garage door is to listen and look. Strange mechanical sounds and odd movement of your garage door is a good indication that it needs garage door repair in Fresno. This is also a sign that you must then look into other areas of your garage door to see if they need fixing.


The difference between a freezing or scorching garage is your garage door’s weatherstripping. This is the rubber seal located at the bottom of your garage door. Its job is to keep out all the elements that can enter your garage. This material can be purchased at any big box store and can easily be installed by yourself.


Often times, the easiest way to fix and issue with your garage door is to add lubrication. Adding a few ounces to your opener’s chain or screw can add years of smooth operation. This might demand that you access the uppermost part of the garage door. So, if you are unable to do this, it is highly recommended for a professional to be called in.

Free Up Debris During a Checkup

The elements and animals alike will clutter your garage door rollers with dirt and trash. Wooden garage doors must be looked into, especially as too much mud, water, and other moisture can begin to deteriorate the material fairly quickly.