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Installing a Pet Door in Your Home Garage Door

If you want to offer your furry friends a little more freedom and give yourself a little added convenience, an indoor/outdoor pet door is a great choice. There are plenty of animal door options on the market today, but choosing the right one for your garage may take a little know-how. Read on to find some helpful tips from a company offering garage door repair in Fresno.

A Storm Door Could Be Right for Your Garage

When selecting a dog or cat door for your garage, pay particular attention to the thickness of your garage door. Often you will find the best and snuggest fit for the thinner material of many garage doors is with a storm door pet door model.

This particular kind of door comes in a variety of sizes and styles designed specifically for garage or storm door installation. Look for energy-efficient models that offer the maximum level of sealing when your pet’s door is locked to help prevent additional energy leakage from your home.

A Few Things to Consider When Selecting Your Pet’s New Door

Pet door installation can be tricky, but it may be particularly so when installing in a garage door. Be sure to consider the placement of the pet opening on your garage door. The door should be at least two inches above the bottom of the garage door, never flush with the bottom. Also consider the height of your pet before installing to ensure proper placement for your pet to have easy use of their new door.

Additionally, be sure to install your dog or cat door where it will not interfere with any braces or door supports. Also, check to make sure you will have enough clearance for the pet door when the garage door opens and closes.

Whichever style or model you choose, your pets will be excited to try out their new garage door passageway.