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What to Do When Your Garage Door Comes Off the Tracks

When it comes to maintaining a safe and functioning garage door, routine maintenance is always encouraged. However, not everything can be prevented, and thus you will need to know what to do when issues arise. A very common thing that happens to garage doors is that they go off their tracks. This is not only frustrating but a dangerous thing to leave unattended. Therefore, the following list includes not only the safety precautions that you must keep in mind but also the steps that must be taken to ensure that your garage door is back to functioning order.

Go Manual As A Safety Precautions

The first safety precaution you must take into consideration is is to avoid tugging at your door. Instead, reach up above your garage door to locate its rope. Pulling this rope will allow you to disconnect it from the door and allow you to control it manually.

Raise The Door

Once you are completely confident that you can control it manually, it is then suggested to raise the door. Be very careful with this step as a falling door can cause severe bodily harm. Thus, it is recommended to have someone with you during this step.

Find The Issue

The next step is to then locate the wheels which are causing the problem. Understandably, this may be hard for someone who is not familiar with the garage door and thus a garage door repair Fresno company may be of help during this step.

Tool Time

Once you are able to spot the problem area, then you must take your locking pliers and place them under the door to hold it in place. Garage door safety is the important thing here, and thus, you must make sure that the door is secured before proceeding. Afterward, use a rubber mallet to hit and begin getting the wheels back onto their tracks.