A garage door with premature wear

A garage door with premature wear

Common Causes of Premature Wear in Fresno Garage Doors

Most people see a garage door and think of it as one or two pieces. The reality is that a door is comprised of a variety of components that must be overseen throughout its lifespan. Yes, garage doors are made to last for years, but that does not mean other factors won’t prematurely deteriorate it. Therefore, it is important, as a homeowner, to understand what causes premature wear in a garage door.

Premature Wear & Tear on Fresno Garage Doors

As stated above, garage doors are built to be extremely durable. However, if your family uses the door multiple times a day, then it can wear the components out much faster than a single person would. One of the most common components to become damaged from constant use are the tension springs. Tension springs are located either on top or the side of a garage door. They allow garage doors to move down and up its tracking system safely. However, when they become damaged, they also become extremely dangerous as they can suddenly snap and cause injury. If this is the case with your garage, then it is highly recommended to have a company that provides garage door installations in Fresno to look into the matter as this is a job for the professionals.

Weather Damage

The reality of living in a hot climate is that you are going to have to battle the sun quite often. This is no different for your garage door. Since the sun is constantly beaming onto the Fresno landscape, you can bet that it will cause some damage to the various parts of your door. Some of the parts that you will see some damage include the panels and even the door sensor. Panels can become discolored or even warped due to the heat. Sun-damaged sensors can cause the sensor to believe that it’s closed when it’s actually open.