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Garage Door Repair Service | Precision Garage Door of Fresno

Can I Get a Tilt-Up Garage Door for My Home?

Tilt-up garage doors have actually been a part of the design landscape for decades. These types of doors were most popular during the 1960s and 1970s. However, some homeowners still have these doors in their homes. As design tastes start to advance, older garage doors get more and more dangerous. While many tilt-up doors still work well, many experts, including those that work in garage door installation in Fresno, would recommend that you get a new door.

The Flaws of These Garage Doors

The flaws in tilt-up doors cause a lot of breakdown and disruption to the homeowner. For example, there are a lot of security and safety issues with these types of doors. These doors use two springs that sit on either side of the door. When they get worn, these springs can get really dangerous. When the garage door springs break, the door can slam down without warning. When these doors come down like this, they can crush both people and objects.

Managing Tilt-Up Doors

These doors consist of a single panel that pivots up and out, then slides into a section on the top of your garage. Tilt-up doors can also reduce the overhead space in your home garage. But these doors cannot be insulated. Lastly, these doors can’t really be weather-sealed. Then there’s the fact that these doors are made of wood. If the door is malfunctioning, this can act as a safety hazard when they fall down.

Should You Get a Tilt-Up Door?

It might be difficult to find a company that still installs these doors. However, most experts will suggest that you get a sectional door installed instead. Sectional doors are not only easy to maintain. They are also safer, can work well in many weather situations, provides good insulation, lasts longer, and can increase your home’s curb appeal. If you already have a tilt-up door, call a garage repair technician to talk about upgrading.