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Monitor the Activity of Your Smart Garage Door

Having Fresno garage door repair install a device such as a smart opener allows you to monitor the activity of your smart garage door remotely. Ordinarily, the device attaches to the frame to detect any activity. You get a notification on your phone when someone tries to open the door, and you can notify the authorities.

Also, most people will clip the garage door opener to the windscreen of the vehicle. Burglars are aware of this and will try to access it by all means. They also know that the garage door opener is another key to your home. Make sure to replace the opener with a keychain and always keep it close by.

Install Flood Lights and Security Camera

A sudden burst of bright lights will deter most burglars that thrive under cover of darkness. Solar-powered floodlights do not require any wiring and are the most convenient to install. Choose floodlights with a broad detection base.

Additionally, security cameras are a great deterrent to break-ins. Potential delinquents know that the camera is recording their facial features, clothing and movement. Typically, motion-activated cameras with night vision are the best. Some of the contemporary systems sync with smartphones and smart home systems such as Alexa. You can conveniently check the status of the garage door even when you are away from home.

Install a Steel Smart Garage Door and Keep It Locked

Most homes have a connecting door between the garage and the house. The door becomes a significant security risk, especially if you’re not in the habit of locking it. Anyone that gains access to the garage can get to your house through the door. For greater security, install a steel connecting door and always keep it locked.

Folks in a residential neighborhood do not often close their garage. An open door at your garage is an invitation to thieves to peep inside. Ideally, the garage door closes shut the door automatically after the passing of a particular time. For additional protection, you can as well install an automatic garage door lock.