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What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Close

The garage door is designed to operate smoothly and offer a high level of convenience when it comes to accessing the garage. With all of the parts that are installed, it’s bound to develop issues from time to time. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know what to do if your garage door won’t close to secure your house.

Check Out the Motor

Take a close look at the opener motor to determine if that’s the cause of the issue. The motor is likely responsible for the problem if you push the remote or wall unit and the garage doesn’t function. Check to see that there’s power to the unit to ensure that’s not the issue. Listen closely to hear for any unusual sounds that may indicate that the drive mechanism is broken or the garage door motor is worn out.

Inspect the Photo-Eye Sensor

Many times, the photo-eye sensor is the problem of why your garage door is failing to close if the feature is newer. There may be an object in the way of the sensor, or the sensors may not be aligned correctly if they’ve recently been bumped or have become damaged. If the door closes halfway before it reverses, then there is likely an issue present with the sensors. Inspect the sensor to ensure that it’s working correctly, or you’ll need to hire a technician to perform garage door repair in Fresno. Removing all dirt or debris that has accumulated on the sensors can also restore their operation. The sensors should also be out of direct sunlight, which can lead to damage.

Review the Lockout Switch

Most garage doors have a lockout switch that many people use when they go on vacation to secure the building. The mode may be activated accidentally, which can prevent you from using the door. Attempt to use the base unit to close the garage door. If you find that the door begins to function, then it means that the lockout switch has been activated.