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When it comes to choosing an opener for your garage door, there are two types that people tend to gravitate to. This includes the belt and chain drive. Chain drives are often the most used within homes, but are they as great as everyone says they are?

Pros and Cons of Chain-Driven Garage Doors

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new garage door for your home, then you will most likely run into having to choose between a belt or chain drive, the latter being the preferred choice for homeowners. Now, before investing resources into this type of opener for your garage, you must first understand a few key advantages and disadvantages of having chain-driven garage doors as your opener. Therefore, a list of pros and cons has been created to better inform you about this type of opener.

Pro: Chain-Driven Garage Doors Are Strong

Perhaps the most common reason why homeowners tend to purchase a chain-driven garage door opener is because of its ability to open just about any type of door. In fact, they are so strong that they can even lift a two-car garage door. Note that if you do go this route that you contact a Fresno garage door installation company in order to have it properly installed and enjoy the benefits of its strength.

Pro: Availability

If you ever run into any issues with your garage door, one of the greatest advantages of a chain-driven garage door opener is that the components needed are readily available to be purchased. This means you can get it fixed in no time, thus skipping those long days waiting for it to come in the mail.

Con: Noise Issues

Something that homeowners often see as a disadvantage about this type of garage door opener is that it can often be extremely noisy. Because chain openers are not as smooth as a belt opener, they can make some pretty loud noises as it lifts up and down. In addition, because chains are not a set component, they can’t also make the noise that much louder as your door shift on the way up.