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Cellphone or Garage Door Opener? The Pros and Cons

Garage door openers have been pretty simple for most of the years. Often a simple click of your garage door opener was more than enough to keep you secured and on your way. However, as improvements in technology came, so did new products. Innovations in technology now allow us to do a plethora of things, including adding features to our garage door. But is it all sunshine and rainbows as companies like to describe it? Here are the pros and cons of using either a cellphone or a traditional garage door opener.

The Pros of Traditional Garage Door Openers

One of the comments made by people who are hesitating about adding more technology to their garage door controller is that their traditional remote works just fine. Garage door openers are a very reliable way of keeping yourself safe and dry in times of bad weather. In addition, much like any older technology, the price has dropped considerably low. When you get a garage door installation in Fresno, a traditional control can be added for just a small fee.

The Cons of a Traditional Garage Door Control

Although the cost of an installation is pretty low, it is still a complicated and time-consuming process. You might not have access to your garage for a few days. Another thing you might need to consider is the maintenance of the garage door. Worn out wires and batteries will be part of your yearly routine in order to keep things running smoothly.

The Pros of Using Cellphone Openers

In today’s super-connected society, everything and anything can be connected to the internet. Therefore, it is no surprise why so many have integrated their garage door to their cellphone and thus the internet. These internet-connected systems provide families with peace of mind while they are away. In fact, many of them utilize cameras for extra security. You no longer need to worry that you left your door open. In addition, they are incredibly easy to install, with many of them simply needing a Wi-Fi signal to begin working.

The Cons of Using a Cellphone Opener

As with anything that is connected to the internet, there is a chance of being hacked into. This is a very real fear for families who have multiple internet-connected items within their home. Although small, there is still a chance of being hacked, and thus, a thief could easily open your garage door and access your home. Other more common issues are the initial expense of the system. Although very easy to install, each camera may cause you over $100. This means that for a large garage, you may see yourself spending at least $500.