Fresno Garage Door Repair
Fresno Garage Door Repair
Initially, a garage door that makes squeaking, grinding, or clattering sounds might just sound annoying. But this is a problem that needs attention right away, as a malfunctioning garage door can cause serious injury or death if it breaks. There are several reasons why your garage door might be making strange sounds. Prior to calling a professional for garage door repair, you can check the garage door on your own to look for the source of the problem. Here are some common issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Loose Parts

As with any mechanical object, a garage door is comprised of many working parts. Naturally, these parts can wear out over time. They can also become loose from repetitive use. The nuts and bolts are small but important components that help the garage door move properly. They can easily loosen and make noise. Therefore, you should check to make sure the nuts and bolts are snug first. If they are worn out, it’s time to replace them. Otherwise, adding a lubricant spray will keep the door from making noise.

Worn Door Hinges and Rollers

The door hinges are also placed under tremendous stress. Damaged hinges will make a lot of noise when you open and close the door, which is a good indication that hinges are your problem. Any holes near the hinges, dust, and filings near the pins are signs that the hinges are worn and should be replaced. The rollers can also wear out and break. If that happens, you might notice a grinding sound when you move the garage door. Broken rollers can also cause the door to move unsteadily along its tracks. Certain rollers are made with bearings that can break more easily from exposure to environmental conditions. If it’s time to replace the bearings, consider switching to nylon bearings instead. Nylon bearings are quieter and don’t require frequent lubrication.

Broken Springs

If it looks like your garage door has broken springs, don’t attempt to change them yourself! Garage door springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure. The springs may look visibly worn out, which is your cue that they need replacement. If you’ve had them for more than 10,000 door openings and closings, they should be replaced. If a spring is the problem, proceed with caution. You can easily (and inadvertently) cause serious harm to yourself or bystanders by trying to remove and replace a broken spring. If a spring looks broken, call the professionals at Fresno Garage Door Repair to make safe repairs.

Garage door problems might seem like just a headache to you, but they can quickly become major problems. They’re also dangerous for a novice to fix. Unless it’s a simple repair, contact Fresno Garage Door Repair to help out. With expert technicians, we can get your garage door repaired and restored to safe working condition in no time.