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When you have a well-insulated garage door, it becomes easy to maintain the temperature of your household at the desirable range. Therefore, your air conditioner saves energy by using less power to maintain it at your desired level. Consider the outlined factors when you go shopping for an energy efficient garage door.

Choosing an Energy-efficient Garage Door

When trying to make our homes more conservative, it is easy to overlook the garage door as one of the items to improve. You forget that your garage door is attached to your home, and having a poorly insulated door means your home’s air conditioning system will use more energy to keep air cold or warm. You can always consult a garage door installation Fresno expert to help you pick out the right door for you, however, here are several factors to consider when choosing a garage door that will be energy-efficient.

The Resistant Value of the Door

The resistance value of a door is a measure of the thermal resistance or insulation coefficient of the door. The material of the door determines the R factor and the insulation coat the manufacturer uses on the inside of the door. A door with a higher measure of resistance has more insulation properties. There are four common materials that contractors use for garage doors.


Aluminum material creates doors with a modern, classy look. They are easily molded to different designs depending on the preference of the homeowner. However, Aluminum is very light, and thus it makes an excellent thermal conductor. Aluminum garage doors are poor insulators and a lousy choice for a homeowner looking for an energy-efficient home.


Steel is the most common choice for garage doors. However, steel is also a poor thermal insulator. Therefore, you need to use thick steel, which offers better insulation, and it could help to use an additional buffer to achieve better insulation for your home.


A wooden garage door is the best option for homeowners who intend to spend less energy in their households. Although wooden doors are expensive, they will save you the energy expenses for your home.

The Design of the Door

The door design determines its potential for letting air in or out of the garage. Door designs with spaces are poor thermal insulators. Include polystyrene insulation to your garage doors to stop air leakage and improve the insulation of your door.