a garage door updated with long-lasting upgrades

a garage door updated with long-lasting upgrades

3 Long-Lasting Upgrades for Garage Doors

As a homeowner, your responsibilities are not just to maintain your property but to improve on it. One of the best areas to accomplish this is within the garage. Your garage door provides your family with safety and protection from the elements. But did you know that you can further improve it? If you’re looking to add some long-lasting upgrades to your garage, then the following information is for you.

Long-Lasting Upgrades for Weather Protection

If you’re looking to truly add that extra layer of protection to your garage door, then look no further than having it weatherproofed. The idea behind making your door weatherproof is that it’s going to help protect your home from natural elements, such as snow, rain, and wind. Let’s begin with garage door insulation. By adding insulation to your garage door, you can better control how much of your home’s energy is leaving through the door, thus reducing utility bills and increasing comfortability. Another upgrade you can add is weatherstripping. Weatherstripping runs along the bottom part of the door and prevents water, snow, and debris from coming into the garage space.

Bracing Kits

If you live within an area of the country that experiences strong winds, then an upgrade to your garage door is needed. This is often done through the installation of braces. Braces provide the door with an extra layer of resistance, thus make it much resistant against strong winds. If you’re unsure of just how to install these kits, then a company that provides garage door repairs in Fresno is only a phone call away.

Adding Lightweight Framing

One of the most common reasons why homeowners need to conduct maintenance on their garage door is due to components wearing out. Although this cannot be fully stopped, you can take a few steps to minimize the amount of time it takes them to wear down. A great way to reduce that time is to install lightweight framing around your garage door, such as aluminum. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, affordable and won’t strain your components as much as heavy wood or steel.