How to Fix a Garage Door That’s Come Off the Tracks

A garage door that has come off its tracks can be not only frustrating and annoying, but it can also be very dangerous. A loose garage door above can quickly give weight and fall on your car or, worse, a family member. Therefore, it is paramount that this issue is not only added to your maintenance checklist but fixed as soon as possible. Thus, the following list includes the proper way to make sure that your garage door is added back onto its tracks accurately and safely.

Tools Needed When Garage Door has Come off The Tracks

The good news here is that you only need three tools to get the job done. Many garage door installation Fresno companies highly recommended these three tools. First, you’re going to need a rubber mallet, which will be used to hammer the door back onto the tracks. Secondly, you will need Pliers and locking pliers to keep everything still while you work on the problem area.

Stop Motor Power

Before working on any component of the door, it is important to turn off all the power to the garage door and pull on the manual rope. This will release the garage door, which then will allow you to open and close it using a rope. You must then pull up the door. Note that since it is not being pushed up by the motor, you will need help pulling it up. The door is very heavy and can cause bodily injuries if it falls on you.

Find The Jamming Wheels

Once the door has been lifted, you can now climb onto a small ladder and look for the jamming wheels. If you cannot spot it quickly, you may then attempt to lower the door slowly to observe any troubled wheels as the door goes down. Once you have found the troubled area, utilize your locking pliers to stop it in that area. Once this is locked, you can then use a second pair of pliers to grab the outer edge of the tracks. Doing so will then allow you to start getting the wheels back on the tracks.

Use That Elbow Grease

Once you have everything in place, grab the rubber mallet and begin to pound on the troubled area until the wheels have been placed back on the tracks. Once everything is in place, test the door manually and if that works, test it using the garage door motor.