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Safe Boat and Kayak Garage Storage in Fresno Tips

Owners of kayaks and boats know that proper storage is a must. Safe and secure boat and kayak garage storage is possible. You simply need to follow a couple of tips. A garage door repair Fresno professional can also give you some guidance because you may need to set up storage racks or a suspension system that hangs from the ceiling.

The following are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Why Kayak Garage Storage Makes Sense

Storing a boat or kayak requires a moisture-free spot that is mostly dark and has a consistent temperature, so the garage as a storage solution makes sense. Sunlight and moisture can cause the equipment to fade as well as degrade while extreme temperature changes can cause it to experience deformities. If there is room in the garage and the equipment will rest un-bothered while not in use, this is the best solution.

On a Rack

When there is room in the garage, installing a rack makes storage the easiest. You are encouraged to secure the rack against a wall so that it does not fall over at any point and damage the items. Then, wrap the kayak or boat in a towel and mount it in its place. Be sure to place them on their side or hull up.


If there is not enough room in your garage for a rack, you can suspend the kayak or boat from the ceiling. Suspension systems are sold in outdoor lifestyle stores. Follow the directions to hang and assemble. Whether you store the items on a rack or on a suspension system, ensure that the weight is balanced. This keeps the equipment from tipping over.