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Most Recent Garage Door Advancements

Garage doors have been used on residential properties for many decades and are built to increase the functionality and convenience that is provided to homeowners. Garage doors continue to be in demand, which has allowed them to evolve with their operation and design. If you’re looking to purchase a new garage door, it’s important to understand the most recent advancements of the feature and what they offer.

Insulated Garage Doors

Garage doors are now more energy-efficient because the newer doors are built with more insulation, which protects the temperature inside of the home. Insulation with a high R-value can reduce the amount of energy that is used on the property and prevents cool or warm air from transferring into the building each season. When you select an insulated door with your garage door installation in Fresno, you’ll also increase the comfort in the building and prevent the HVAC system from working harder than necessary to operate.

Solar Garage Doors

Solar garage doors are a popular option that homeowners can choose to make their home energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The doors obtain their energy from the sun and can reduce the energy bill for the homeowner. Garage doors that are made from solar panels are convenient for those who own electric vehicles, which can allow them to plug in their cars. The technology makes it possible to save money on energy and also use an advanced garage door that is innovative.

Smart Doors

Garage doors are becoming smarter with new technology. Residents can now control their garage door with their smartphone device or tablet for an easy way of controlling the door without having to rely only on a garage door opener. The technology makes it easy to allow guests or children in and out of the house without having to be present on the property. With the use of an app, it will also alert you if the door is left open by mistake, which can increase your level of security.