garage door repair in Fresno

garage door repair in Fresno

More homeowners are looking to reduce their energy usage on their property and create a climate-controlled setting to spend less on their energy bill each month. Energy-efficient garage doors are increasing in popularity because they prevent as much hot or cold air from transferring into the garage, which often affects the temperature of the rest of the house. When you’re in the market for a new door, there are a few features that are essential to look for when it comes to owning an energy-efficient product.


Recycled or Sustainable Building Materials

Recycled or sustainable building materials are commonly used on energy-efficient doors, which typically includes steel and wood. Confirm that the steel material comes from a supplier that follows the environmental rules for wood harvesting to ensure it’s an actual eco-friendly garage door. It’s important to look for a door that has sufficient insulation and a high R-value, depending on where you live. It will not only lower your energy usage but can also reduce your carbon footprint and create a green property.

Any windows that are installed on the garage door should also be energy-efficient to prevent outside heat or cold temperatures from affecting the interior setting. Perimeter weather-stripping is also necessary if windows are installed.


High-Quality Parts

Selecting an energy-efficient garage door means looking for a product that has high-quality parts that are environmentally sound. With durable parts installed, it can mean spending less on garage door repair in Fresno throughout the year to ensure the feature operates properly and less time and money is wasted when maintaining the product. The parts should be strong enough to endure the environmental elements, which will increase the lifespan of the door.


An Efficient Manufacturer

The process of manufacturing the garage door should also be efficient from beginning to end. Eco-friendly manufacturers are also conscious of how much packaging they use when shipping the materials and parts. Fuel-efficient means of transportation should also be used when shipping the item to the residential property or the dealer.