garage door trends

garage door trends

The garage door may be a functional feature that’s consistently used on the property, but it’s also a product that contributes to the style and design of your home. Over time, the product can begin to look outdated and old-fashioned, which can affect your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to makeover the garage door, there are a few current trends of 2019 to consider.



Windows are a popular feature to add to garage doors due to their decorative appeal and the added detail that they add to bland doors. The windows add a touch of charm to the exterior for extra character. Windows are also favored for their ability to allow natural light into the garage for an illuminated setting during the day. In cold climates, windows can also heat the interior setting for reduced energy usage.


Bold Features

More people are taking risks with the design and style of their garage door as a way to draw more attention to the house and make it stand out. Garage doors that have vibrant color shades make a statement and will prevent the feature from going overlooked or blending in too much with its surroundings. Black garage doors can also look upscale and modern on contemporary homes that have sleek exteriors.


Wood Accents

Homeowners want added elegance on their property without having to deal with increased maintenance. Consider installing a garage door that features wood accents to create a regal and upscale look. Opt for using a door that has faux wood, which doesn’t wear down easily and can withstand the elements. With faux wood that’s constructed from fiberglass or steel materials, you won’t have to worry about performing a garage door repair in Fresno because the parts will be more durable and have a longer lifespan. You can achieve the rustic wood design that you’re looking for without compromising on the level of durability offered.