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Not Your Parents’ Garage: Innovation in Fresno Garage Technology

Although the home garage has been a part of many people’s homes for decades, it’s usually remained the same in terms of design and function. In fact, the biggest jump in technological innovation only occurred when motorized openers were introduced into the market in 1926 and only widely accepted around the 1970s. If we look back just ten years ago, that has been pretty much the only thing that has been a part of the home garage door. Today, however, the garage door is just one of many components of the home considered to be smart. Read on to learn about some of the most popular and widely-used technological innovations that people enjoy today in Fresno garages.

Most New Fresno Garages Can Connect to Your Smartphone

Think about a time when you weren’t next to your smartphone. We’re pretty confident that you really can’t think of one. Door opener manufacturers understand the importance of a smartphone as well as the fact that most people are not going to forget it at home or at the office. That is why it only makes sense to be able to connect the smartphone to your home’s garage door. Connecting your smartphone isn’t just a way to replace your old remote control but also to provide you with the peace of mind that your door has been properly closed on your way out. After all, we’ve all been in the situation where we have suddenly begun to second-think if we really remembered to close it. Your smartphone and its connection to your opener can provide you with an instant answer and sometimes even allow you to close it right from where you are sitting. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to add this feature, the answer is no. Most garage door installation companies have no issue adding these to most Fresno garages.

Car to Garage Door Opener Connectivity

Much like the garage door, most newer cars have also seen additional technology added to them. Everything from Bluetooth to video cameras around the car is not considered standard features. However, one of the lesser-known yet important features is the universal transmitter that most cars hold within them. This universal transmitter allows the car to connect to most garage door systems. Through a simple press of a button, your garage door can begin lifting for you and thus ready for when you are driving into your driveway. Although there is little to no installation needed for this type of feature to work with your car, you may contact a garage door repair Fresno company to receive additional information.

Garage Door Safety Sensors

The garage door has had a few safety features for many years. One of those includes the red rope, which detaches the door from the opener and thus can be manually lifted. This is an excellent safety feature for when the power goes out. However, there are other dangers that had gone years without anything really being done to prevent them. One of those includes small children, pets, and cars being crushed by the door. Fortunately, innovations in technology have now included object sensors. These sensors can detect when children, pets, and your car are in the way. When it does sense an object, it begins to slowly reverse itself.

Automatic Garage Door Timers for Fresno Garages

Earlier, we spoke about the fact that your smartphone is able to provide you with quick information regarding if your door is closed or not. Although that is definitely still an option, there are additional safety features that have been added to ensure that your home is safe and secured at all times. One of those includes the automatic garage door timer. This timer can be set at any amount of time you want and will be used to provide you with peace of mind that your door has been closed each time you leave the house. Don’t worry; if you need your door opened for a prolonged period of time, such as for a garage sale or to wash your car, it won’t shut itself down as long as you disable the timer ahead of time.

Move Over Pin Pads, Welcome Fingerprint Technology

When pin pads were introduced to the market, they were met with both positive and negative reviews. The positive reviews called them a step forward in security, while opponents of the new technology saw them as a hacker’s means of getting to your stuff without having to break a single window. Today, however, the pin pad is not the only way you can access your garage. Fingerprint technology is not only an option; it is a proven technology that is today used by many medical facilities and banks across the world. Many of the models out on the market are weatherproof and provide homeowners with the peace of mind that hackers will have an almost impossible time getting into your home. You can take steps today to have more advanced, safer Fresno garages that will serve you and your home for years.