torsion springs

Understanding How a Garage Door Torsion Spring Works

Contrary to popular belief, the garage door opener isn’t the only mechanism that helps to pull up or down the garage door. The opener simply does not have enough power to lift such a heavy object, but the torsion spring does. So, what exactly is a torsion spring? It is that long component usually found above the garage door, which does most of the work to lift up and down the garage door. Read on to learn more about this incredible component.

How Does a Torsion Spring Function?

If you’ve ever stretched out any type of spring, then you understand how much power it can hold once you let it go. The same type of thing happens when the garage door lifts up and down. When the torsion spring is used, it then begins to twist, thus causing energy to build up, which then makes the lifting of the garage door possible. Many homeowners choose this option because they are lightweight, discreet, and hold a lot of power. It is this amount of energy that homeowners should be careful with. In the event that you see any type of damage, it is important to contact a Fresno garage door repair company to ensure a safe repair job is performed.

The Energy Process

Now that you know how the torsion spring works, it is also important to understand how that energy is used in connection with the garage door. As stated above, when the spring is twisted, it begins to accumulate energy. This occurs when your garage door opener or rope is used to pull down the door. The energy is only released once the door begins to lift. The spring uses the energy stored within it to be able not just to lift the door but lift it slowly and safely.