Garage door repairs

Garage door repairs

The garage door has many different parts and mechanisms, which means that it’s bound to make unusual noises or sounds over time. Although it’s common for the product to generate noise as it operates, there are a few sounds that indicate that an underlying issue is present. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know when your garage door needs attention by listening closely.



Grinding Sounds

Grinding sounds that come from the garage door opener are often caused by the metal parts grinding together as the door opens and closes. The chain or belt on an electric opener can be prone to grinding due to a chain that is too loose or if the gear pinions are skipping a link. Hire a professional to inspect the parts and perform the necessary repairs to prevent the door from malfunctioning.



Clinking Noises

Clinking noises aren’t always extremely loud but occur when the door is in motion as you get in and out each day. In most cases, this is due to springs and coils that begin to rub against each other as the garage door parts operate. Over time, the springs will start to make the clinking noise when they become dry after rust has formed due to the cool and humid climate in the garage. If too must rust is present on the parts, you likely will need to seek out the advice of a professional who specializes in garage door installation in fresno to restore the function of the feature and avoid further issues.



Squeaking Sounds

It’s important to listen carefully for any squeaking sounds that begin to develop, which is often due to a lack of lubrication on the parts. It’s important to keep the exterior frame and the weatherstripping greased up every few months to prevent the PVC material on the parts from becoming too dry. Eventually, this can lead to damage and excess wear if you don’t maintain the components.