hand holding garage key to open smart door

What Are the Advantages of a Garage Smart Door?

It seems that everything is automated these days. More and more household items and appliances are part of the “smart” category than ever. This includes a smart door for your garage. If you are upgrading, there are five key benefits this can bring your household.

Security With a Smart Door

One of the most notable benefits you can get when you install this upgrade on your garage is safety. Your garage is one of the entry points into your home, which means if it’s not secure enough, an intruder can get in and commit a crime such as burglary. A smart door can offer you numerous features to keep your home and family safer.

Detects Unseen Dangers

Your garage’s smart door is capable of detecting unseen dangers that can pose health risks to your family. If there is smoke from a fire or a buildup of carbon monoxide, you can be alerted to it. This is done through home automation techniques that can allow alerts to be sent directly to your smartphone in the event of an emergency.

Help With Parking

A smart door can help you to park your car better. It uses lasers that act as guides that automatically activate when you drive into your garage. This is an especially nifty benefit if you have inexperienced teen drivers. You can ask about it when you get expert garage door installation in Fresno.

Temperature Alerts

Another benefit of this upgrade for your garage is that you can receive temperature alerts. This is helpful if you need to store items at a certain temperature in the garage.

Schedule Opening and Closing

You can schedule your garage’s smart door to open and close at specific times during the day. For example, if you have a family member who arrives at the same time daily, the door can automatically open for them.

These benefits will make you wonder why you didn’t upgrade your garage years ago. Your entire family will be happy with the automation features.