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How to Choose the Best Rental Home Garage Doors

Whether you’re a property manager or a homeowner in Fresno with an extra home to rent, it’s important to make a good first impression on potential tenants. If it’s time for new rental home garage doors, you may be wondering how much you should invest, what you’ll want to keep in mind, and what kind of doors to consider. Continue reading for some tips.

Choose Durable Rental Home Garage Doors

If you have a rental property with a steady stream of tenants coming and going out of the garage, durability should be at the top of your list of considerations. A durable rental home garage door also reduces the need for garage door repairs in Fresno, although it’s still best to be proactive about routine maintenance. Steel is especially durable and economical, while fiberglass garage doors are less susceptible to warping and moisture damage. Vinyl doors can be equally resilient.

Find a Balance Between Natural Light and Privacy

Garage doors in Fresno used on rental properties don’t have to be strictly solid with no windows. Doors with windows can actually be an asset for tenants preferring an inviting garage with natural light. If you opt for windows, however, remember to keep privacy in mind. A cost-effective way to do this is with privacy film that still allows light in.

Keep Other Potential Perks in Mind

With a rental home, it’s tempting to focus mainly on cost and opt for lower-end choices. But there are some good reasons to spend a bit more on garage doors used on rental homes. First of all, a well-designed door that’s strong enough to stand up to regular wear will last longer. Also, a garage door with attractive panels and modern features can give your property value a boost, which can be a plus if you end up selling your rental home.