These Hottest Garage Trends in 2020 Are What You Need

The next time you need a garage door repair in Fresno, you may want to consider updating the garage as a whole. Trends can make your garage and home look classy and attractive. It can also help you save off some dollars on your energy bills. Here are some of the hottest garage trends in 2020 that you should consider using for your garage.

1. Smart Garages Are Some of the Hottest Garage Trends in 2020

Who doesn’t want the power to open up their garage door from the ease of their own phone? Smart tech is coming to garages everywhere. By using Wi-Fi, your garage can efficiently open and close with a simple press of your button. You can also control lights within your garage and other features. For those who use their garage for a workshop or even an entertainment center, then the possibilities are endless for what you can do by making the garage Smart.

2. Bold Colors

Another big trend is bold colors. Long gone are the days in which you needed a white garage door. Now, bold-colored garage doors are in. In particular, people are leaning towards blacks, dark browns, and even deep blues. The colors help match the beauty of the home and can carry the aesthetic of the home all the way through. Bold colors also help homeowners express their individual personalities.

3. Insulation

One final trend is insulated garage doors. With more homeowners being conscious about their carbon footprint, many are looking for ways to help reduce the amount of energy that they consume. One method to do that is to ensure the home is properly insulated. Few garages are insulated effectively. That’s why the latest trend is to insulate both garage doors and the garage itself. This can save on your next energy bill.