garage door installation

garage door installation


The garage door should be enjoyed by homeowners who use the feature each day due to how much it’s used throughout the week. The style and design of the product influence the curb appeal of the home and how much it contributes to the style of the house. Here’s how you can add new windows to your garage door if you want to allow more natural light in and increase its visual appeal.



Energy Usage

Consider how much the new windows will affect the energy usage on your property once natural light begins to come into the garage. The windows will likely allow the transfer of cold or warm air each season from the outside, which may increase your energy bill. If you want to compact the change in temperature in the garage, consider installing more insulation on the garage door to create a climate-controlled environment.




Installing new windows on the door will enhance the look and appearance of the feature but can also pose a security risk. Many intruders make use of garage door windows when they’re targeting a home and scoping out how to break into the garage. It’s important to avoid leaving out valuable items in the garage that may be spotted by someone passing by. You can also consider frosting the windows to increase your level of privacy while still allowing natural light to come into the space. Reflective film on the windows will also prove to be useful.



Your Lift System

Talk to a professional technician who performs garage door repairs in Fresno to determine if the windows will affect the lift system of the garage door opener each time you need to get in or out. Installing glass will increase the weight of the door and can cause it to become imbalanced. You may need to install fewer windows to prevent putting excess strain on the parts and work with a professional to ensure the job is completed properly.