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Garage Door Size Options for Your Vehicle

If you’re updating your Fresno garage door, use this project as an opportunity to choose a door better sized for your vehicle. Making an adjustment with garage door size is also worth considering if you use your garage for multiple vehicles. Below, you’ll find your options with size for your garage doors when it comes to your vehicles.

Single Garage Door Size Options

If you have a single small car, a specialist in garage door repair in Fresno would likely suggest you keep your single-door garage the way it is. A single-car garage door ranges in size from about 8-9 feet in width to 7-8 feet in height. This is also a good choice if you don’t also use your garage for significant storage. Should you need more space for your vehicles but still want to keep single doors, you can always opt for two single garage doors.

Double Doors

Should a single-car garage door simply not provide enough room for your vehicles, one double door can work well. As long as your garage is wide enough to accommodate a double door, this can be a viable option. What you’ll then be able to do is conveniently store and use two vehicles independently and, at times, simultaneously when two drivers are entering or existing at the same time. Double garage doors are typically 16-feet in width and 7-8 feet in height.

Additional Factors to Consider

Lastly, there are some other factors to keep in mind as well when choosing a garage door size for your vehicle(s). For instance, some vehicle owners prefer to stick with two single doors for two vehicles in case one door malfunctions – so at least one vehicle can still safely exit. You’ll also want to consider the space between your garage door and ceiling to make sure your preferred door(s) can fully open. Also, consider accessories you might have on your vehicle, which might include side mirrors or a roof rack or basket.