A worker applying garage door coatings

A worker applying garage door coatings

Garage Door Coatings: What to Know

Garage door coatings are must for keeping the integrity of the exterior finish intact and to prevent early signs of fade, deterioration and areas where rust may have taken hold. By applying the proper coating that suits your garage door’s specific issues, you’ll also be serving the dual purpose of maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Here are a few important things about garage door coatings that you should know.

Garage Door Coatings for Rust Prevention

Coatings for rust prevention are a popular option for providing maximum coverage and protection for metal garage doors. These coatings create a tough seal that are known for their long-lasting qualities and virtual impenetrability. If you paint your garage door with a rust preventative coating, you’ll only need a thin application to get great results, and you can paint right over rust to prevent further decay.


Ultra-durability is the key to a great garage door coating. Many excellent products exist that offer a variety of semi-gloss, hammered, silk and matte finishes that won’t flake, chip or fade. Making sure to use a primer before applying a healthy coat to any garage door ensures that its lifespan will endure for years to come.


The thickness of the coating is vitally important to reaping the aesthetic rewards of the finished product. Too thin of a consistency makes it harder to handle and ends up being wasteful if too much is unknowingly applied. Likewise, a consistency that’s too thick may require additional and unnecessary coats as well as an uneven finish that dries too fast to fix. Sticking with a medium consistency that glides on easily and evenly ensures a perfectly finished garage door. Fresno garage door repair experts are ready to help you with all of your garage coating needs for a fresh look and durable finish that’ll last and last.