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Why You Should Consider an Aluminum Door for Your Garage

You want to make some much-needed changes to your garage door. One of your loved ones suggests that you cover your door with aluminum. While you didn’t know that this process could be done, you later decide that this is something that you want to do.

While you cover a wooden frame in aluminum, or in other words, apply aluminum capping, it isn’t just about appearance. It’s also about maintenance. Since you have a lot of colors available for this project, you could match your door frame with your garage door. This process also makes upkeep extremely easy.

What Kind of Aluminum Do You Use for This Project?

Use the type that is sold in rolls and used to make gutters and other types of building components. Manufacturers bend the material to the frame dimensions. For example, wooden frames get made with either 2 x 8 frames or 2 x 10 frames.

You could buy the aluminum yourself, take it to a dealer where they can bend the material to your dimensions, and then put everything together. However, you really should leave this entire process to experts who do garage door installation in Fresno. That’s because these experts have the proper materials to do the job right.

How to Get a Maintenance-Free Aluminum Door

When you get a door made of aluminum for your home garage, the door doesn’t fade or rust. It also doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance. These types of doors get covered with baked-on paint in addition to another layer that protects it from the weather. When the door surface gets dirty and grimy, just use warm water and a cloth to clean it.

Next Steps

By covering the wood frame with aluminum, you don’t have to repaint it every couple of years. As a result, the door gets protected from rotting and weathering. You can get a seal between the cladding and your home’s exterior components by covering the frame’s weatherstripping joint and the exterior finish with a type of sealant.