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How Can Solar Energy Power Your Garage Door System?

A garage door repair in Fresno helps you keep your doors in good condition. However, you might want to add solar panels to make your garage door system even easier to manage. You can avoid blackouts or power loss during storms. Plus, you are doing something good for the planet when using a solar power system.

Solar Panels Are Easy to Mount

You can get a solar power system that is easy to mount on the edge of your garage. Some people even add extra panels to the windows or the door. You can ask your installer to add these panels to pick up just enough energy for the doors. If you want to expand your solar energy system, you should ask about using more panels to power other parts of the house if you want to go off the grid entirely.

Solar Power Can Be Stored

You can install a lithium-ion battery that stores power for your garage. You can open your doors in the middle of a storm or a blackout because the batteries use stored energy to open the doors. This is a much safer way to get into your house, and solar power systems are not subject to power surges that municipal power authorities deal with.

You Can Use an Automated System With a Solar Garage Door

Panels that harness energy from the sun can be added to any home, and you can attach them to your automated system. You should ask your installer how you can add your solar panels to the home automation system so that you can check the panels and the status of the doors. The installer will wire the panels into the garage door openers, and you can turn off or lock the doors when needed. Plus, the automated system will help you turn on the lights, get alerts about the doors, and avoid damaging the doors.