garage door repair fresno

garage door repair fresno


Garage doors can suffer from damage over time due to how frequently they’re used by residents each day. The door may fail to open or close, or the parts may snap off and cause the door to become unbalanced. Here are a few common causes of garage door damage to ensure you’re aware of how to care for and maintain the feature with the help of a professional.



The Photo Eye

The photo eye is known as a small sensor on each side of the garage door that is responsible for detecting objects or people that may be in the path of the door as it closes. It creates an invisible beam with its sensors and will avoid shutting if something is in the way to prevent accidents or injuries. Many times, the sensors can become misaligned if they’re touched or bumped, which can prevent the safety feature from working correctly. Perform a reversal test every few months to ensure it’s working correctly.



Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on the garage door parts is inevitable as everything ages and is exposed to the elements. The main parts must be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid issues that can occur and to prevent the door from malfunctioning. If you find yourself hiring a professional to perform frequent repairs throughout the year, it may be time for Fresno garage door installation if the parts have reached the end of their lifespan.



Off the Tracks

A common issue is when the garage door falls off of the tracks, which can prevent it from opening and closing. The door is designed to slide smoothly along both tracks and is quiet as it operates. If you notice new noises or unusual sounds, it may be due to misalignment that requires the attention of a professional. In some cases, dirt or grime may be present on the tracks. Lubrication may also be needed to keep everything running smoothly and to prevent the metal parts from grinding.